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Why and Where You Should Go On A Surfing Vacation With Family in Asia

Every time you travel as a family, it will always be a memorable experience. You get to go outside and communicate with each other on a different level outside the mundane. You get to see different places together. It will be a more unforgettable experience if you go surfing 


The perfect family surf vacation should be accessible, have numerous activities for those who do not know how to surf or is starting to learn to surf. These spots in Asia underneath offer the best surfing experience as well as you get the opportunity to appreciate family-accommodating spots and the get-away of a lifetime.


  1. RiyuewanSanya, Hainan, China 

Not only does it offer soft waves that are perfect for surfing, they also offer the best scenery. If you want to enjoy and have a good relaxation time, this place is perfect. The offer the best fishes fresh from the day’s catch and they also offer tours. It’s good to visit on winter time, too! Unlike other surfing posts, they offer a great winter retreat for the family. 

  1. Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines 

If you’re finding for an island that offers fun atmosphere, affordable accommodations and activities for kids, then this place is perfect for you. Most of their accommodations are decorated with bamboo and other local materials. Even though it’s world class, it’s not only for experts. They offer a place for beginners to actually test their skills and also place for kids to paddle. The locals are very hospitable and friendly too. Once you visit this place, you’ll never want to leave the island life. 

  1. Joe’s Point, Sur, Oman 

There’s so much more that Oman can offer. They have surfing spots and they have the best wave since it is located in long stretch of coast along the Indian Ocean. Although the journey of getting there is a bit long, especially if you have to cross a desert for it, but it’s really worth the shot! 

  1. White Beach, Okinawa, Japan 

This is the ideal spot for travelling with a group or the family since they have a lot of camper trailers available. You could also rent cabins and houses that sits atop of a cliff overviewing the ocean. It’s the perfect spot for everyone who wants to practice how to surf. This is the reason why it is usually packed during the weekends. The place is very quiet and relaxing, too. They recommend that you go surfing on a high tide since in low tide some corals tend to be exposed.  

  1. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia 

These islands offer the most consistent waves of all time. It is best to visit the place during the dry season. The islands are majestic and offers the best scenery. If you’re looking to surf on soft waves, in a quiet place that is not only located in one place but of seventy islets, then this place is perfect for you. 

It is true that the family who surfs together, has the most fun together! The world has so much to offer for your family and you only want the best for the ones that you love. The perfect travel vacation is a great gift for your loved ones, from the transportation to the food you have to get the best. Another perfect gift idea is picking up families and friends with a limousine service San Antonio whether it be from the airport or going to and from an elegant family dinner